A special modern technology we employ in our work allows us to remove even most difficult stains and the most stubborn dirt.


Cleaning of upholstery furniture involves spaying surfaces with a detergent solution and sucking it out immadietely, together with dissolved dirt.


The best way to remove dirt and coatings is high pressure cleaning with appropriate agents. We also clean facades and remove dirt from outer surfaces of buildings.


matressIn an ordinary house, there are millions of house dust mites.  The proteins in their excrements can cause children and adults to suffer from infections, hay fever, allergies and asthma. Mites are everywhere, especially in humid and warm places with a lot of dust, which are seldom ventilated.

Mattresses are an ideal place for mites to live and reproduce, but this is also the place where we spend approximately a third of our lives.

It has been found out that there are 10 times more mites in a bed than in dust on a floor.  Therefore, it is so important to have mattresses, which we sleep on, regularly cleaned.  

The only chance to get rid of these parasites is by having mattresses cleaned with specialist equipment.

Price list:

Single mattress   from £25
Double mattress   from £40
King mattress   from £60


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